Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge! Day 1!!

Welcome, welcome, to the first annual 30 Day Yoga Challenge here on Whole Food Fitness!

Sorry, that has a little Hunger Games in it, doesn't it?  (Good books!!)  Anyway!!

For random inspiration.  I would play this at the beginning of each practice for a week, actually.  I love listening to her.  <3  And she's so right!  You WILL get this.  You WILL memorize the poses, you WILL be able to touch those toes eventually, and without compromising your back!!  You can do this.  Just stick with it!  

You have your what you need post under your belt!  So!  We'll start off slow and easy.  There are some harder poses worked in toward the end here, but this is beginner level stuff, and a good place to start if you don't want to fork out $$$ for a class today.

Here you go!  Sun Salutations are a warm up for most yoga practices.  But on their own, they could also be a complete yoga practice!  Start there, and when you feel like you can do this without too much difficulty, time to add more!  :)

Feel free to do whatever practice you like, the goal here is just to do a little yoga every day for 1 month.  See where you stand when you're done!  You'll be surprised at how fast it takes hold and how little you need to encourage yourself to practice to get yourself on the mat each day.  <3

Happy Day One!!  You can do it!  And remember, if anything seems too hard, too fast, or too much, slow down.  Do less.  The breathing is the most important part.  :)

<3  Namaste!  <3  

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