Sunday, April 22, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge!! Day 22!!

 I am trying to post this from my phone, which is being irritating.  will have to make this longer st hone tonight.       Anyway, video! 

 On the computer now! Loving that my phone was able to find and post a video, don't get me wrong, but my touch screen was NOT being responsive and I couldn't fix spelling errors or use swype. Or the sideways keyboard, which is easier to type individual keys with. One or the other please!  Lovely dying Android.  (I miss my iPhone!!)

In any case, the video today is another hour-ish long class with Dr. Melissa West.  This one focuses on gratitude, something we could probably all work on.  We have so much to be thankful for, after all, and how often do we take time to reflect on that?  Once or twice a year on holidays?  Let's make this a more common practice.

I hope your day was blessed, and we'll see you tomorrow!  :)  

ETA again!  I went to watch and follow this video, which was pulled up...  only to find out it is NOT a full class and I don't see the same one as full length at Yoga Yak's page.  So we're going to switch to a different class!

This one IS a full length class.  Sorry about that!  The focus today is, not gratitude, which we could still focus more on, but is "Yoga of Choice".  

These tend to have a little more time spent on the meditation at the beginning and end, I'm noticing.  It can be a little difficult to just "be" with so much talking...  or perhaps you enjoy the talking because it gives you something to focus on.  Again, if you are not liking the videos linked, go back to one we've done before!  Or choose one at the store and follow that.  Or even take your favorite bits from everything so far, put on some quiet music, and do a self practice at your own pace, doing what feels nice at the moment.  Work on a pose that's been giving you trouble, or work on your flow in Sun Salutations...  It's totally up to you.

The point is to try, to work at it, and try to promote a daily practice.  Even a little tiny bit of yoga every day can go a LONG way.  I always try to fit in a little tiny bit, even if I cannot do a full practice.  I feel better with the full practice, but I do what I can.  And standing poses while I make dinner are better than nothing!  :)

Anyway, I'll be quiet.  Long day.  Off I go.  :)  Practice time.  And again, check in!  Let us know how you're doing, if you have questions or comments, etc.  :)  I'd be happy to chat!

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