Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge! Day 18!!

Moving right along, both literally and figuratively! :) Keep it up!! Only a few more days to go to reach that goal! 30 days... it seemed intimidating at first, didn't it? Not so scary now, eh?

Some days you are tight, some days you are sore, but every day, without fail, after your practice, you feel better, don't you? :) That is proof, my friends. Proof of the awesome powers of yoga. It has its amazing benefits! :)

And after a while, when you find yourself incorporating the breath and the mindsets into your other aspects of life (kids made a huge mess in the kitchen with flour... the dog escaped the backyard... that frustrating client at work who is difficult to please...), you'll begin to see how yoga is helpful beyond the practice. How it helps with maintaining focus and approaching life's challenges with calm and poise.

Yoga is the practice, indeed, but it is much much more. :)

Anyway, on the practice side of things! I've found you a 43 minute hatha yoga class. It's not too easy, not too hard. Give it a try, or redo a favorite practice from earlier this month! :)

I'm going to do some research and post some yoga philosophy videos for you if you are interested. :) And once I have my full 30 day list, I'm going to make a 30 day yoga challenge page up top, so you can come back here or link to it any time if someone else wants to try it for themselves! :) Keep it all easy and reachable.

Anyway! Happy Yoga! Hope you have a lovely day! <3

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