Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yoga Philosopy Links & Videos

As promised, here is sampling of videos for going a little deeper.

This video here is about 10 minutes long, talks about the benefits of the breath, what benefits the poses themselves have, and goes briefly into expanding the practice off the mat.


This 13 minute one below has a yoga guru from Australia talking about several different things. He throws in Sanskrit rather often, but listen and wait for the translation, and you will be glad you took the time for it. Interesting stories! This says part 1, and I looked for part 2, but couldn't find it... but this, alone, is still good. :) He has other videos here as well:


This one talks a bit about energy, not in the "having energy to do ..." way, but in the "energies we put off" kind of way. Being around negative people, for example, can drain our energy. That is something that I think everyone can agree with. Being around positive people, in the same way, can help us be more positive, or maintain our energy. It could be said, then, these people each "put off" their energy, and we can sense it, in a way.

This kind of sounds hokey, I know, but take a moment and think about it. Is there someone at work or in your family, perhaps, who constantly puts you in a bad mood to be around? How is THAT person's mood? Can you see how their mood affects your own? And what about someone you just love being around? How is their mood, most of the time? How does their mood affect your own?

It's not just mood, that's just how I'm trying to explain it... but it is a way to approach thinking of things in a slightly different way. And it is something that most people can identify with, so it is a good one, I think. ;) Anyway, the video here is about 8 minutes:

Explanation of body prayer, and why it is a good thing:

Seane Corn talks about "body prayer", keeping with the energy frame of mind. She talks about taking that energy, and "sending" it to someone or a group of people. If you are a religious or spiritual person, think of it like a prayer. You pray for someone when they are doing poorly, either mentally or physically. Perhaps you don't pray, exactly, but you spend time thinking of a person and wishing them the best, perhaps.

This video shows Seane demonstrating how she does this with yoga. At the beginning of your practice, it is common and a wonderful idea to set an intention for your practice of the day. Perhaps it is to be calm. Perhaps it is to have more patience. Perhaps it is to breathe or move fluidly. But perhaps it can be to focus on someone, and think of them while you practice. Pray for them, in a way. Sean's demonstration was for her late father, while he was battling cancer. You can FEEL her intention through the screen. You'll know what I mean here in a moment:


This next set will not play here, so follow the links please! More Seane Corn, talking about "working the shadow". How we can learn things from those who are in the worst places we can imagine, but are still managing to get by. How we can face the darkness within, and learn from it.

Working the Shadow:
Part 1
Part 2


And finally, for the streaming videos for today, one last Seane Corn video. (I love her, seriously! And if she's not your speed, find someone you can relate to! That is key!! Find someone who inspires you and makes you want to do better. Someone to aspire to be. Follow them!)

This one's title is enough as an intro: There's no place to turn but within.


And here are a few videos to look up, watch streaming on Netflix (if you can find them still!), rent from your library, etc. They will be with the documentary videos, and are varying lengths, but I've watched all of them and found them interesting.

Ashtanga, NY ~ Was started as a film about Ashtanga practice, and following a well known teacher (created the Ashtanga style practice). He happened to be in New York during the 9-11 attacks. It follows how yoga helped the New York Yogis through it all. On Netflix. Preview:


Enlighten Up! This was a yogi documentary filmmaker following someone new-ish to the practice for an extended period of time, and watching to see how yoga transforms his life. Or doesn't. :)  On Netflix as well.


There are plenty of other yoga documentaries, but I haven't seen the following.  I'd be interested in doing so, though!  They're on my "later" list.  The above two documentaries were available on Netflix, so they were easy to get to and watch.  The others I will have to go out of my way to watch.  :)

  • Yoga and Me  
  • Yoga Inc.   is about the business side vs. the enlightenment side.  Can yoga come away with its core values at the rate it is going?  Interesting topic.  
  • Yoga Unveiled
  • Y
There are plenty more out there if you are so inclined!  :)  This just gets you started.  And it's not to say I 100% agree with everything said here.  But I am always willing to listen and try to expand my mindset.  Learn more.  Try and understand better.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  :)


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