Do Something Challenge!

After injury or illness and being restricted from movement...
Or life getting busy and it becomes hard to find the time...
Or we just don't feel like doing anything and take a break from movement or exercise in general...

It is a good thing to get back into movement.  Slowly.  Not too hard, not too fast.  Just finding time to do a little SOMETHING every day.

So, for our goals here, we try to do just 15 minutes a day.  You can go longer, of course, if you like.  But 15 minutes of something, outside your normal life, every day.

The theory here is everyone can find 15 minutes.  You can do jumping jacks and sit ups.  You can take a brisk walk.  You can do shoulder rolls in your chair in the office on a break.  That part is up to you.  Those are just random ideas.  You can do whatever you want, that suits you and your needs right now.  But 15 minutes is not hard to do.  We can ALL do that much.

The basic goal is to make this a 30 day challenge.  Try and do a little something every day for 30 days.  You can start when you like, you can end when you like.  Go longer.  Do an hour 5 days a week and just take a walk for 2.  It's all your call.

But, if you want to join a group of us, start a formal challenge and have people to join you, etc, hop on over to the Whole Food Fitness page on Facebook.  Just ask to join and as long as you can play nice, you will be allowed to stay as long as you like.  I recommend you turn off the notifications in the top corner so you don't get e-bombed, but that's your call.

Anyway!  Join us!  Get back into it!  You can do it.  :)

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