Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge!! Day 24!!

Good morning!  Welcome to day 24!  We're in the home stretch, only 6 days left of the challenge!!  How awesome are you for making it this far!?  THIS AWESOME!!  :)

As promised, we switch to a new teacher and a little more active practice today.  The last few days have been lovely and almost restorative, which has been really nice.  Nice slow break, while maintaining our flow.  That's the thing, even if you can't do a big practice like today's every day, doing the slow stretches, holding them longer, etc, really helps us keep up without feeling over-exerted.

But, enough of that, and back to the fun hard stuff for a day or two!  :)  So here we go!  This is considered intermediate, so if things are too hard, remember to take the easier pose variations.  Knees on the floor for the push up bit and cobra instead of up dog, etc.  Follow what your body tells you, take breaks if you need to, and do your best!  :)

Happy Yoga!

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