About Becca!

Becca (me!) is a 32 year old mother of 2.  Married 11 years now, living in Colorado.  Sometimes crazy strict veggie girl, sometimes crazy yoga girl, sometimes crazy garden girl, sometimes crazy juice girl.  Sometimes?  All of them at once!  Because...  why not!?

I love Seane Corn's yoga stuff.  Seriously, check her out.  She's amazing.  Just the right mix of spiritual and exercise.  Love her!  I HEART SEANE CORN!!!  Perhaps I should get a t-shirt.

Juice is fantastic!  Fresher the better.  Green is good, but I love mango fruitiness too!  Even if it IS a pain in the, uh, bum, to make.  Seriously.  Huge pain.  So good.  Worth it.  *nod*

Oh yeah, and I write too!  I have a writing blog, Bony Fingered Limbs, that I've neglected somewhat, if you want to check it out.  I generally host weekly flash fiction challenges and offer up a copy of either my published short story, Nothing Lasts Forever, or my poetry collection of massiveness, Bony Fingered Limbs, as a prize.  Or if you happen to win enough to earn both, I am happy to edit something for you instead!  :)  Not something huge, lol.  I have my own editing problems.  ;)  But, you can read some of my short stories on there, see some writing advice, etc.  It's good stuff.

You can "like" my author page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter if you so desire.  :)

Other than that, I suppose I'm known as the coffee lady at work.  I bring coffee to the person I open with most days.  And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it is awesome.  :)  Yummy!  They call it the Becca Brew.  Ah, guys at work.  So easy to amuse.  ;)

I think that's about it!  Seems like a lot to tell sometimes, and not much to tell other times.  All depends on the day, I suppose.  Anyway.  I am just a person working things out for myself a little at a time.  I try and share my thoughts on different matters, and hope to get people thinking!  :)

Also, I...  am a smilie abuser.  I apologize.