Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge! Day 2!!

Good morning all!  If yesterday was your first day with yoga or exercise for a while, you're bound to be a little tender today.  That's what we expect!  You may want to let it keep you from moving again today, but let me tell you, moving today is the very best thing you can do for those aching muscles!  So!  You are free to use the video from yesterday again if you like, or you can switch it up and try this one out!

Again, a little inspiration from Seane, because I mean it.  You can do this.  *nod*

And a new video.

Perhaps alternating today and yesterday's videos while you get used to the poses would be a good idea!  :)  Or do yesterday's first, then follow up with today's.  That would work well too!  :)

Happy yoga, everyone!  Remember to breathe!  Namaste!

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