30 Day Yoga Challenge!

I hosted a 30 day yoga challenge here in April this year!  But, this could be done at any time, as you have time and the ability to do it.  Challenge yourself whenever you feel up to it, or feel you need it!  This will be open for all to use whenever they like.

All free, all online, all the time.  :)

The first thing we'll do is remind you what you need to get started, which may cost a bit if you don't have any of these.

And here are the links to the days, in order, by day.  You should be able to search for them as well, by the day.

And a couple bonuses!  Deepening the Practice over time, and a Philosophy of Yoga video list you may find interesting.  :)  

And if you are looking for more videos, hop over to YouTube and search for "yoga, class" and you'll find all sorts of things!  Long, short, for arthritis, stress, relaxation, better sleep, shoulders, hips, knees, you name it. :)  Just look around and find what suits you!!


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