Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chiro, tooth fracture, and dentists! Oh my!

Today made visit #5 for the chiropractor.  I do feel much better overall, they got me started with some exercises I can do to help strengthen the muscles around the spine in the neck too.  Fix the problem, train it to go the right way.  Come on now, I only have so many visits left!!  Work with me here, neck!

I'll admit my tension was a bit high this morning, and I'm still a little tight in the neck/shoulders...  but the last 24 hours have not exactly been forgiving.

Anna, my 9 year old, decided to have another fight to the death with her scooter.  And just like last time, when the scooter laughed loudly in her face and skinned her knee to the bone, she lost.  Only this time, instead of seeing the inside of her knee, we got to see the insides of her teeth!!!  YAY!

Broke off 2/3 of one tooth and 1/3 of another.  Awesome.

Grabbed kids and flew down to the dentist, but they were already gone for the day.  Nobody answered when I called.  Nor when I called the emergency line.  Hell, more than 24 solid hours later, nobody has returned my call.  We've found ourselves new dentists.  >.<

Took the kid to the Urgent Care and got her some hydrocodone to get her through until morning, and got her to sleep for the night.

Morning came with appointments made with two different offices by accident, chiro appointment, driving the kid to the wrong office, canceling appointment made by accident, flying to the right office, and being seen.

Turns out the teeth were not as bad as we thought, the roots were intact, not exposed, and there were no hairline fractures up in the gumline.

We ended up rebuilding the teeth with large fillings.  No crowns, root canals, caps, or nerve deadening needed.  Which meant, despite the awful look of the initial injury, we did not need near as much of our insurance today as we thought.

She got to watch Gnomeo & Juliet on the ceiling while they worked.  Ceiling screens are amusing on laughing gas, apparently.

While they worked, they told stories of other kiddos who were worse off upon coming in.

There once was a little girl who was hit in the face by a baseball bat.  It was intended for a pinata.  At her own birthday party.  While she was reconstructed in the chair, the party continued on without her.  Nothing worse than having to go to the dentist on your birthday and get home to find everyone else ate your cake and ice cream for you, eh?

So see, it can always be worse!

And in the end, she looks MUCH happier, more comfortable, and much more normal in the toothal region.  Yes, I said "toothal".  I know it's not a word.  I don't care.  :P

So, all in all, I think my neck tension was well founded.  And I hope it is melted away by morning...  but we'll see.  Stupid neck.  Be nice!

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