Friday, April 27, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge!! Day 27!!

So...  Close...  Almost...  There...

Okay!  We had a nice slow light practice yesterday, and that felt fantastic.  I fell asleep on my mat again.  I do that, lol.  Especially with night practice after a long day.  I like to have a blanket handy for savasana for that reason, actually.  I wake up really cold after, if I do fall asleep.  Blanket in savasana, and then when I sit up, I tend to move it around my shoulders for the final mediation in lotus.  Makes me look a little funny, probably, but no more funny than attack cat during meditation:

Okay!  Anyway, funny looks aside, blankets are awesome.  They could be used as a bolster too, if you needed one.  Not a bad thing to have handy.  :)

Video for today!  Yesterday we did shoulder tension and openers.  Today we'll go for hips.  Those are MY two problem areas, so that's what I like to focus on sometimes, joint-wise.  Backs of the legs being long is another area to focus on, so forward folding is another focus of mine.  Anyway, if you have problem areas, look for yoga practices or sequences that can help work with them nicely!  :)  There are loads of them out there.

Amazing the difference one little class can make, eh?  Have a lovely day!

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