Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 37, and still going!

Day 37.  Still moving right along!  How are you all?

It's been a few days since I last posted, sorry about that!  Life got a little hectic, and priorities were food and making it to work and class and school on time.  The blog got pushed to the side.

But!  I need to let you know what's going on with the next leg of the challenge!  We're going to officially start this on March 1st, to make it fit between now and the April Yoga Challenge...  but that's right around the corner!  So, here goes.

Do Something Challenge, Phase 2:  Giving Back.

In addition to your 15 minutes a day for yourself, to make good choices and continue good habits, I challenge you to find something, every day, that you can do for the good of others.

It could be taking time to make a healthy meal or snack for your kids.  Taking them on a walk to explore the emerging spring or late winter world.  Taking a moment to help an elderly person cross the street or load their car with groceries.  Finding a shell to offer to a child building a sand castle.  A kind word, offered to someone who needs a smile today.

Anything is fine.  Just offer it with intention.  With the good of others in mind.

We can focus on ourselves a lot when we are trying to make life changes, like getting back in the habit of working out.  But after we have turned so much attention within, it is good to turn our gaze outward again.  See this world through our new eyes, and find a way to offer back whatever it is that we can.

So.  March 1st, officially.  You can start now if you like, of course!  And remember, it is going while continuing our daily 15 minute challenge.  As always, more is fine, but you can ALWAYS find 15 minutes to do something, every day.  Always.

Happy Tuesday, all!

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