Saturday, February 16, 2013

Do something, Day 26

Transformation.  Do you feel it?  The shift, within?  I do, on several levels.

In body, I feel stronger.  I have more confidence, and was able to do things in class yesterday that I wouldn't have thought possible.

In mind, I feel more in control of things.  I can decide how to respond to my situations.  I have choices.  I can remain calm, even in the midst of the storms in life.

In spirit, I feel like I'm finally becoming "me".  I am finally being true to myself.  To what I want, to what I need.

That's not to say things are easy, choices are easy, or continuing down this path is easy.  But I can tell you it is worthwhile.

As this challenge finds its way to a close, I have been asked if I am continuing with another challenge.  April is set aside for yoga challenge, as it was last year, but when this is done, up until then, I think we will continue.

Doing something, but not just something good for our bodies and our health.  But trying to find ways to do something good for the world around us.  I saw a challenge in an article, 30 days of giving.  It can be whatever you are able to give.  A seashell to a child on the beach, building a sand castle.  A kind word to a friend.  Taking time to declutter your home/a room, for your family.  You choose what you are doing each day, as we continue doing things for ourselves...  but give back while we are at it.

It just seems like a fitting place to move, from here.

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