Friday, February 8, 2013

Do Something, Day 19

That which is worth doing?  It comes with a price.  That might be time.  It might be pain or discomfort.  It might be money.  Or something else.  But anything worth doing will not be easy.  It will come with it's own personal catch.

Priorities is what it's all about.  What is important to you?  You will find time for it.  You will get up early or stay up late to make it happen.  It's all about re-setting our priorities to accommodate our good habits we want to cultivate.

It might be harder at first, and that's both normal and totally okay.  But it will get easier the longer you keep it up.  Just like our little Do Something challenge has showed us.  It's a little easier every day to get up and do what we need to do, eh?

For me and the yoga classes, getting to and from, takes time.  2 hours a class, most days.  Half an hour to get ready and get there, an hour there, and half an hour to get home and on with the rest of the day.  It also costs money, for the membership to the Y...  but mostly, time.  Especially if kids come along to swim or play.  That takes more like 3 hours per day, and not every day is equipped with an extra 3 hours.

The clothes to work out in take money.  The laundry those clothes create take time to clean.  And the discomfort from strengthening muscles makes for interesting days sometimes.

But is it worth it?  You bet your cinnamon buns it is!

I'm only 19 days into this thing, but I can't see an end in sight.  I don't want to stop when I hit day 30.  I might add swimming in on some days where it fits the schedule better than a yoga class...  and when my foot stops cramping up on me randomly.  That's no fun, and I'd really rather avoid it.  But I can see continuing this challenge into the unforeseen future.

In fact, in April, I plan to host another 30 day yoga challenge!  That's only a few weeks away, and at this rate, it will be here before we know it!  :)  Consider joining me!  This yoga thing is contagious...  can you tell?  :)  

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