Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 49, Still Doing Fine! ;)

Woke up this morning and realized I haven't been counting the days anymore.  I've just been going.  And going.  And going some more.  And trying to put others first as much as I can.  Giving away my yoga strap during class, to someone who needed it more.  Being patient with the rude person at work, and still going out of my way for them when I really didn't want to.  Taking time to make breakfast for the kids when I'd rather be relaxing before work.  Helping the instructor carry extra yoga balls to the class room from the supply closet.  Just a little something, every day, trying to do the right thing.  Do a little more.

My last thyroid level check said my levels went DOWN, instead of up, for once.  This means my yoga is healing my thyroid.  It's helping it work properly, or at least it is being more active.  I like when my numbers go down.  :)  Means my dose decreases and maybe, just maybe, I can get off these meds some day.  I don't hold my breath too hard, but one can hope.

I have taken measurements occasionally and pics less frequently, to track my progress.  Looking in the mirror, I tend to see what I have always seen, so this helps me see that there really is progress.  Comparing photos back to back, and seeing inches drop on my list.  Good stuff.

So!  For my progress!  I have lost only 4lb according to the YMCA's scale from the first time I checked to yesterday...  BUT, weight is not a big thing for me.  It can stay the same, number-wise, while everything else changes.

Inches show a lot more for me, so here we go.  I have lost, so far:

  • 4" in the true waist
  • 2.75" where my jeans sit
  • 5.5" in my hips  (dude!!!)
  • 4" in the bum
  • .5" in the thigh 
  • .75" in the calf
  • 1" in the bicep (flabby triceps are shaping up!)
  • forearms remain the same
  • 2.5" in the bust
Overall, very pleased!  Things are starting to become more proportional.  What is odd, to me, is that things don't look smaller, they just look more in proportion with each other.  Pics, showing progress:

Before, what started me on my journey.  I was 2 years postpartum, and had recently weaned.  I didn't know what a normal portion was anymore, and had gained at least 30lb from my pre-baby days.  I saw these pictures, my 14s were getting tight, and knew I needed to do something.
January 27th, a week in, and today.

January 27th, Feb 8th, and today.

January 26th and today, to see the face changes.
So far, so good!  Just need to keep it up, continue to tone, and I'll keep going down this road!  :)

How are you all doing?  How do you track your progress?  

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