Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do Something, Day 22

I woke to snow.  Beautiful lovely snow.  That makes everyone on the roads crazy.  Which meant I couldn't go to my class before the day started.  There was no way I would make it back in time.  Sigh.  So I will do a home practice tonight.  Back to sleep.  Acceptance.

When it was time to get up and get kids ready, we did so.  I got the car warming up so the windows scraped easy, and scooped the drive and walk way.  Kids joined me at the car and we left.  E light came on.  Of course.  I don't have time for this.  Acceptance.

Kids dropped off with instructions for after school, and up to the gas station.  Cars blocking the road so I couldn't turn.  Deep breaths.  I am leaving early.  It will be okay.  Acceptance.

The road opened up and I made it through to the pump.  Standing outside on a cold snowy day to fill your tank is not the best thing ever.  But it must be done.  Acceptance.

Made it to work early, because the streets were not as bad as I'd envisioned.  I grew up in Nebraska and they have a whole different level of snow than Colorado does.  I was expecting Nebraska bad.  Not so.  Good stuff.  I sat and read an old Yoga Journal until it was time to go in.  Chose not to be irritated that I'd rushed there and wasted time I could have spent cleaning my kitchen.  Acceptance.

Monday is busy at work, and the morning flew by until it was time for lunch.  And I realized my lunch, purchased before my return to vegetarian ways, had chicken stock in it.  I had already opened it.  Couldn't take it home with me.  It was either give it away, but nobody wanted it, or throw it away and be wasteful, or accept that I made a mistake, eat what I brought with me, and not kick myself over the label ignorance that morning.  Acceptance.

And after I got home and made dinner, we had bedtime, and I took a long hot bath to soak away the cold of the day...  I started thinking about that yoga practice I was planning.  Would I follow a disc?  Do my own thing?  But above all, what was my focus going to be?  And it hit me.  Of course.  It's been coming to me all day.  Acceptance.

I was having one of those days where everything feels wrong.  I was feeling huge and gross, was being hormonal and easily irritated.  But feeling like this happens sometimes, and I can either get upset at myself over it, or accept my imperfections and move on.

I am not perfect.  You are not perfect.  We all have our crappy days.  And that's okay.  We have extra squish.  Can't hold that pose as long as we wanted.  Our routines got messed up.  We forget to post the day's blog post until the next morning.  But that's okay.  Accept it.  And move forward.

I will leave you with this wonderful quote I saw this morning.  It just is so fitting, and is what spurred me here to make my post from yesterday.  I wish you acceptance today.  Of the flaws in your life.  And peace will come to fill the space that is left behind.  Namaste.

For every unexpected bump, turn, or squiggle on the path of life, you pretty much have two choices:
~Accept it as if you yourself had meticulously planned it and as if you're being watched by 10,000 cheering angels who love you so much, you're pretty much all they ever sing about. 
~Or, accept it, kicking and screaming, as if it were some freak accident or random mistake that had befallen you by chance. 

I know which I would choose,
The Universe

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