Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do Something, Day 15!

Happy Hump Day!!  :)  Camel?  

Day 15, for me, started with a morning yoga class, wake up nice, try a few harder things, but mostly just get moving.  Good stuff.

Smoothie time, kids to school, and time for work.

Then I went to work and was tossed into the window, the hardest place to be on a Monday morning.  I was a little bitter, I'll admit, but I took a few deep breaths.  This is my pose.  And I did it.  Calmly and fairly efficiently, if I do say so myself.

Lunch was tasty vegan chili with an amazing pink navel orange.  Yummy!

After lunch I had an hour of work before I got to go home to kids who like to race me to the house.  We decided to go back to the Y for another hour class.  Kids wanted to play basketball and just hang out on a video game handheld for a while.  I ran there, chose the easier class because, well, I was already feeling the morning's practice hitting me.  The harder class did not sound like a great idea.

And the teacher was the same one from Friday, where I'd made that wonderful intention for Preston, the sick little boy.  He was in surgery while we flowed from one pose to the next, and this morning I found out he's doing REALLY well.  He was up and moving, wanting to eat, to feed himself.  Nothing short of a miracle.  So today, I decided to say thank you.  Just happy that he is doing well, that things have gone so smoothly in such a terrible situation.  And it was another beautiful practice.

A practice of thanks is a wonderful thing.  :)  Give it a try!

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