Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do something, day 18

Up too late last night.  Wanted to do a 90 minute home practice this morning, but only had time for 60, and barely that.  Can tell I'm strengthening up, as many things that would simply have been too hard to hold before are getting easier, so that's something.

I find that since I am focusing on health and strength this time around, rather than skinniness or fitting into a certain size, or weighing a certain amount, I am actually reaching my goals, more and more.

Hold that pose for 3 breaths this time.  Hold this other one for 15.  Lift up into supported head stand with core strength instead of kicking up and hoping for momentum to get me there.

I definitely  need to work on core strength, and am doing that as much as I can.  But I still need to be careful not to overdo it, so I don't strain the shoulder or something else again.  It's a fun balance to find, and not always easy.

It's frustrating to know I need to stick with knees down in plank, but the knees up makes for too much shoulder strain.  I remind myself I'm listening to my body, and am trying to call it "good".  I am accepting where I am, every day, and doing my best.  That's all anyone can hope for, eh?

Little victories tell me I'm on the right track.   I held wheel for 4 full breaths today.  I haven't even tried it in ages, because it scared me.  Last time I did it was day 3, I believe?  Running my own practice when the teacher was ill, in the room with the mirrors.  I didn't hold it for very long, and really it was just a test to see if I could.

One step at a time.  One pose at a time.  We will get where we want to go.  We can do this.  I wish you peace, and the courage to push yourself in appropriate ways, tomorrow.  Namaste.

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