Monday, February 18, 2013

Do Something, Day 29

Gentleness.  That was the focus of this morning's practice.  Gentleness.  To yourself, and to others.

As we flowed from one pose to the next, the focus for the day helped me let go when I couldn't do something "just right".  It's okay to not be perfect.  It's okay to make mistakes, or be weak sometimes.

We work on it, sure, but when those moments of weakness hit, when we make those mistakes?  We need to take a breath, and accept our humanity.  Allow ourselves a little slack, and move on.

So today, I give you permission.  Give yourself a break when you can't get something just right.  Be kind to others today.  Put yourself in their shoes, take a breath, step back, and treat them with gentleness.  With kindness.  With love.  You might just be surprised how the mindset changes you.

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