Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do Something!! Day 14

Really!?  Day 14 already?  Is it just me, or has the time flown by?  Doesn't feel like we're almost half way there already.  I suppose that is a good thing!

Today the plan is to go to brunch with the in-laws, and since I'm also doing the veg-head thing again, I'm really hoping I don't end up stuck with plain oatmeal and half a grapefruit for my choices.  But I really really might.  I was looking at the menu online and there is nothing that is vegan.  I might do vegetarian for this meal, and just make sure the hash browns aren't cooked in lard or something strange like that...  because plain oatmeal just sounds awful.

Later on, after the hubby goes to work for his Monday of the week shift, the kids and I are going to the yoga class that's being held at the Y today.  It happens to be a family yoga class, so kids will be joining me and trying it out.

They're not thrilled, but I think they'll have fun if they give it a try.  Worst case, we don't go back for that class again.  But I'm excited and think it will be fun, so we are going.  Might have to make it up to the short people afterward, somehow, if they really do hate it.

But, I'm not convinced that will happen.  We used to have some kid yoga dvd's and played around with them and they loved them.  That was years ago, but they really liked it, and Anna has joined me in a home practice on occasion.  An adult level one.  She gives up about half way through, but she has tried!  :)

So, I suppose we'll see.  Anyway, time to go get some coffee with coconut milk creamer, and decide if I'm really going to wear yoga pants to breakfast or not.  I'm tempted.

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