Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do Something Challenge, Day 16

I keep coming back to this picture.  Be the change.  I want our family to be healthy and happy and well rounded.  I am the place that must start.  I must be the change.

I am taking several classes a week now, and taking kids to all the evening ones while my husband works, because that's how the schedule works out.  But it also means the kids are in the pool or playing basketball several days a week.

Now, we have never been people to laze around eating bad foods and watching tv or playing video games.  Sure, we do those things sometimes, but that is not the whole of our lives.  The kids are both at healthy weights and are well rounded little people.

They enjoy reading and going for walks, playing games, riding bikes, climbing trees.  They sure love tv and video games too, but those things are kept at a minimum as much as I can.  But even then, I was feeling like we weren't doing quite enough.

As the long cold part of winter hits for us here in the mountains (our winter extends well into spring), I was starting to really feel the cabin fever thing.  Our Y membership hit at the perfect time for that, and going to move our bodies every few days (or every day, in my case) has really helped with the "blah"s that we all tend to get when we're cooped up indoors for too long.

So our ability to go and do something regularly has been a good thing.  Not just for myself, but for the kids as well.  They are getting stronger.  More confident.  They are eager to go, even though it means taking a shower.  (Blonde kids and chlorine don't really mix without special shampoo!)

I am being that change, at least in part.  Now to get my husband on board!  LOL

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