Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do Something!! Day 25

Thursday.  Surprise day off.  Was going to have to do yet another home practice this week...  I've not made it to the gym since Sunday, but I have done a home practice every single day since then.  But, because I'm off today, I can make the evening class that work would have forced me to miss.

It will be nice, getting into a crowded room of people again.  It is surprising to me how little I liked the idea of sharing my practice, before, and how I look forward to it now.

Was it really only 25 days ago that this started?  It feels like a lifetime.

Take time today to absorb the affects of your hard work this last few weeks.  These last 25 days.  Appreciate the changes you have made in your body.  Be grateful you are healthy and able to make those changes.  And give thanks.

Today will be a practice of gratitude.  I am thankful for the insurance to cover my daughter's upcoming surgery.  I am thankful for my job, even on the days I don't want to go.  I am thankful my body is healing, even though it tweaks sometimes and I have to back off of things to support the shoulder.  I am thankful for my car, and my house, my family and their overall health.

There may be bad things going on.  There is always something.  But there is more to be grateful for.  Make that your focus.  Namaste.

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