Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strange Disappearance, and update from the fast!

I kinda disappeared there didn't I?!  I certainly didn't plan to!  Friday, day 3, I went to work with plenty of juice ready to go.  I was fine for most of the day, and toward the end of the shift I started getting crankier.  More emotional.  Worn out.  I figured I was hitting the detox finally and ignored it as best as I could, apologizing to the poor unsuspecting guys I was working with for my odd behaviour...

By the time I was done with work, I dragged myself to the car with the last of my berry juice for the day, turned on some music I used to listen to while my husband and I were still long distance, ages ago, and got weepy on my way home from work.

I took a bath, got mad at the water for not being hot enough.  If I'm not careful I can put too much cold in, and then I have to wait a while for the water heater to heat back up enough for a good bath, and it just makes me mad.  It was worse than usual Friday.  I gave up and just went to bed.

Saturday I woke up with a high fever, and my whole body hurt.  I didn't have much energy, so I camped out on the couch with the kids, tried to get comfy, and rested all day.  My husband, who was not juicing with me other than tastes here and there, was also pretty sick with the same symptoms, so it occurred to me I was sick on top of detoxing.  I did some restorative yoga poses and rested.

I managed to make myself a nice large batch of green juice to get through the day, but nothing sounded good. Not even that.  I had a couple cups of it, but was just getting weaker and weaker.  I decided, for the sake of my sanity and the lives of my children, I should probably eat something since I was sick.  I managed to eat two tacos that night, chewing every bite crazy carefully.  It took an hour to eat that much.  Apparently my juice cleanse shrank my stomach right up!

Sunday I felt way worse than Saturday, and the fever went higher.  I was too sick to do any yoga, no matter how "restorative".  Monday I woke to a low grade fever, which then disappeared, but I had no energy to be up and moving, so I stayed home to rest. Managed some of the simple yoga stuff, but not much. Tues, I went back to work but had trouble breathing some, so I went to the doctor.  Turns out my crazy cold turned into Bronchitis, but it wasn't TOO bad yet.  They gave me a breathing treatment and a script for an inhaler so I can function at work until it gets better.  Relaxed in a HOT bath when I got home, fell asleep in savasana, but there will be no exertion with yoga until I can breathe,

Hopefully I can avoid antibiotics!  I'm still pretty weak right now, but I am definitely interested in trying for a 10 day, once I am healthy again and finally feeling strong.  I feel like it would be a bad idea if I rush into it before I am WELL, so I think I'll give myself a week to settle down and will see about it then.

Going to play with the juicer tomorrow on my day off, and get back into it some, though.  And I'm really interested in the way the Rebooters like to suggest going about this:  juice PLUS fruits and veggies for 10 days, then just juice for 10, then juice PLUS fruits and veggies for 10 days.  Seems like a smart way to ease in and out of the thing.  :)

Anyway!  So!  My after-the-fact does it work?!

I can say now, yeah, definitely.

The idea was to get the toxic stuff out of my organs, cleanse, clear, and start over. It is not comfy while that happens, and it's not uncommon to want to give up on day 3, the day you switch from starvation mode to detox mode. You feel tired, sluggish, emotional, cranky, irritable, short tempered, and hungrier than any other day on day 3. It is really not fun.

BUT afterward, everything tastes brand new. Colors are brighter. It almost seems like my glasses script is too strong right now. I know it probably won't last and it is barely noticeable, honestly... but I noticed.

Also, coffee afterward? Makes me jittery! I can have maybe one cup now and it HAS to be balanced with food. Or shaky hands jittery. Not awesome. I like coffee! I just have to learn to moderate it.

AND! My stomach shrank awful fast in those 3 days. I didn't eat large portions before this... but I definitely eat less right now than I did then. I'm much closer to the fist sized stomach now.

Overall, definitely a positive thing and I plan to do it again!  :)  And I can't wait to get back into a regular yoga practice again.  But I CAN wait since breathing is a slightly important part of yoga.  ;)

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