Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And let's try this again! Day one, round two!

So I had to stop the last cleanse earlier than I really wanted.  I was in bed and so sick I couldn't get up long enough to run the juicer.  That is not a good combo for juice fast-cleanse-craziness.

So now that I'm feeling relatively human again, I'm back on the juicy wagon!

Today we're running with an extremely green juice (that kale sure was leafy!), and a little watermelon juice to brighten up the day.

Will see how day three goes this time!  I am wondering how much of my crankiness and overall not-feeling-like-myself-ness was because I was getting sick.  We'll see!

Juice on, my friends!

And I'm also thinking I'm restarting the yoga challenge today too.  I haven't had time for the practice yet, but I'm making time for it.  *nod*  It will be much easier to keep track of days if they line up, I figure!  ;)

Now I need to run and judge some writing contests!  My other blog has fallen a little to the wayside lately.  Need to take care of that!

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