Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day one recap.

So yesterday was day one.  I posted in the middle of the day, but I didn't tell you how the rest of the day went!

Morning:  sampling juices as they came out.  Added up to 1 cup juice I think?  Close enough anyway.  Made and sampled the cashew and almond milks, and ended up blending them together.  Pretty tasty!

Afternoon:  yoga, 30 min.  I planned to do more later, but never got around to it.  After yoga, had green juice, then some berry tea.  I took frozen berries, rinsed them to get the freezer burn fun stuff off, then steeped like tea.  Added a little agave.  Pretty good, really.  Made myself finish a cup of the not-so-great apple beet grapefruit debacle.  It's almost gone now.

Night:  Salad in a Cup, then Pesto juices for dinner.  Had watermelon to follow that up.  Was refreshing and tasty.  Made me think of dessert!  :)

While drinking my juices in the evening, I watched a couple food documentaries.  They're streaming on Netflix right now if you're interested in watching now too.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is an amazing juice fast documentary.  It follows Joe as he goes on a 60 day fast in an attempt to reign in his weight, change his eating habits, and hopefully get off some of his medications.  He meets Phil, a man with the same immune disorder, and helps him get started on his own cleanse.  Really good stuff, inspirational.  Shows just how much this cleanse thing can hep someone, can change their life.

I'm not up for 60 days myself, but I started off thinking I'd do 3 days.  I'm debating aiming for 10 and seeing how far I can get.

Anyway, after that was over, I still had some time to kill, so I watched Food Matters too!  Another good one, talks about the importance of raw fresh produce, and suggests juicing as a way to incorporate them.

Both are good watches.  I'd recommend finding time for them!  That, and Food Inc, though that's got more of a political twist to it.  ;)

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