Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day two!

One more day down!

I started this morning off with an apple ginger lemon juice and added some cayenne pepper to it for a bit of a kick!  This reminded me of gingerbread cookies with red hots on top.  It was fun and different, though I wouldn't add as much lemon or ginger in the future, and I think the cayenne will be an occasional add in.

Worked today, had green juice and cashew milk at lunch, then followed that up with some of the watermelon mint.  Refreshing and amazing, even next day!  Most of my juices lose a bit of their flavor if I let them sit too long, but the watermelon sure holds up well!

Felt my tension rising this afternoon when I went to get the kids.  Maybe I'm sensitive to noise, or maybe they were really noisy today, but I didn't handle it well.  I snapped a bit more than I'd like to admit.  Big hugs and apologies for being short tempered later, they're both in bed now.

Dinner was the salad juice followed by the pesto juice, again.  Both savory.  I liked these both better fresh.  I think they're alright next day, but I did have to push through them both a bit more than I have to convince myself on the mean green juice.

After kids went to bed, I knocked out the hour practice on the Detox Flow disc, Seane Corn again.  I love her!  I'll admit to feeling a little more sluggish than usual, but I pushed through it!  The combination of juicing and yoga seems to suit me, I'll admit!

Following up the yoga right now with a little apple raspberry blueberry strawberry juice.  It seemed fitting for dessert.

Overall, other than the slight crankiness and wanting to eat the kids' dinner (whole wheat banana pancakes, vegan), I think today went pretty well!

Today make day 2 for the juice cleanse, and day 15 for yoga!  On and on I go!  :)

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