Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Juice pics and bloopers!

Pics from the juice cleanses, as promised!  You can click on any of the photos to see them in their large original size.

You always want to start with fresh ingredients!  I was trying out red kale instead of the dark leafy blue type I usually can find.  The red has much less of a leaf, so you need more stalks for the same flavors, but both are good.  :)  

For broccoli, I cut or tear the florets off, and cut the stalk in half and feed it through that way.  Kiwi I quarter the long way so they are in wedges, and wheat grass is good either as a sprouted grass or in tall spears.

This is what can happen if you put too much in at a time!  It overflowed and danced everywhere.  We kinda got sprayed with green juice bits.  It was not pretty!

The machine, overflowing.  This was after it finally stopped so I could open it.  The solids are overflowing from the top of the barrel!  WAY too much went in!  Have to be more careful!!

This was the watermelon mint juice.  Looked really pretty in there!  :)  

Watermelon mint juice, all done.  Lovely pink!

Pesto was one of the savory veggie juices we made on our first round.  Decent when just made, but doesn't store well at all.  Also, surprising amounts of brown in the tomato juice!  Didn't expect that!

These were, left to right:  Green, Carrot Apple Beet, Pesto, Salad, and Watermelon Mint.  Green wasn't as green as usual because of the change in kale type.  Interesting!  

This was a tea I made with frozen berries and one of the Zinger Berry tea bags.  Was pretty good, and a nice warm break from the cold juice.  I love that little tea pot, by the way.  Got it at Whole Foods.  It makes 2 cups worth and is the perfect size for just one person.  :)

Working on the video, will post that later!

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