Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green juice, green juice, nothing more than green juice

Okay, the green juice is getting tiring today.  I deeply inhale the smells coming from my kid's dinner (pasta with a garden veggie sauce and fresh herbs) and talk myself out of eating.  I don't NEED the pasta.  I'm alright.  But chewing something warm sounds amazing.

Still, I power through.  Instead, to give myself a little something heavier, I'm dining on raw cashew-almond milk.  I am fine with raw milks, tea, and water while doing this lovely fast...  and let me tell you, the raw nut milk helps get me through when nothing else would.  *nod*

So here's how you make it!  Super easy, I promise!  Just need a blender.

1c raw nuts.  Almonds alone are good, Cashews alone are too.  Blending them is tasty and creamy!
4c water, room temp
agave nectar (1-2T)
vanilla extract (1t)
nutmeg & cinnamon to taste

Rinse the nuts off with plain water.  Then put them in a bowl and cover them with water.  You want around 2" higher than the nuts in the bowl.  Let sit at least 4 hours.  Overnight is easiest as long as you can blend in the morning!

Rinse the nuts again!  Water should run clear.  When it does, pour the soaked nuts into the blender and add 4c water.  Add agave, vanilla, and spices.  Blend 2-5 minutes.  When done, strain off the solids from the liquid as best as you can.  You can save the pulp for adding into baked goods like I did the other day (added with wet ingredients when making blueberry spice scones!), or you can add it to the compost pile with your veggie trimmings from juicing.  I strain 2-4 times because it helps the milk be as smooth as possible in the end.  :)

Just stir or shake before pouring every time!  Lasts around 1 week.  Enjoy!  You can cook/bake with the milk if you are done with your fast or need milk for your kid's pancakes, etc.  Not a bad thing to make yourself rather than buying the stuff in the stores!  Fresher is better!

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