Sunday, January 20, 2013

Long time no see!

Hi guys!  It's been too long!  Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm popping back in for a couple reasons!  First off, I just started this little facebook group to go with the blog, for people to pop over, ask questions, link stuff, that sort of thing.  You can find and join it here:  Whole Food Fitness Group.  It's a closed group so only members can post or see what has been posted, and I, the crazy Becca chick, am in charge of that.  Play nice and you will be welcome!  That's about it.

And secondly!  I'm finally feeling better after my stupid shoulder and back saga of irritation.  So I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.

I'm going vegetarian again.  Officially.  For the first time in years.  I think I'm finally in a place where I can do it healthily, officially, without allowing it to be an excuse to slip back into eating disorder land.  I used to allow it to just not eat when "there were no options."  There are always options.

Anyway!  So, there's that...  BUT I'm also starting a challenge for myself.  Starting tomorrow, 1-21-13, I will be challenging myself to do something.  To move.  To yoga, or swim, jog, do jumping jacks...  do SOMETHING.  Every day.  For at least 1 month.

I think officially this will be a February challenge, but I'm starting it now while I have the momentum going.  I want to do this.  It is time.  :)

So, who is with me!?  You want to move, you know you do.  15 minutes is nothing.  You spend less time getting ready in the morning, getting changed for bed.  You can do 15 minutes.  :)  There are 15 minute yoga videos over on the Yoga Challenge tab, if you want to do that.

The theory is, if we move our bodies, just a little, it will feel nice.  We will like how we feel, and we will want to continue.  And if we are having an "off" day, 15 minutes might be enough.  But most days?  We'll go longer.  We'll run more.  Do another lap in the pool.  Finish that yoga class.  :)

We can do this.  I believe in us.  But I know the power of accountability, and that's why I started the group.  To keep in touch.  To post happy little things, remind each other to keep at it.  Because alone we can give up, but together?  We are strong.  :)


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