Monday, January 28, 2013

Do Something: Day 8

Good morning, all.

Up early for another morning class today.  Feeling good!  :)  Getting stronger, able to press through longer, hold poses better.  Heck, the waking up early is getting easier.  I had to fight myself to get up at my normal time last week, when this all started, and this morning, I was up early and leaving the house hours before that.  With no trouble.

It is as they say, when you exert yourself, you get more energy returned to you.  You do it more, you can handle more, and more often.  If I'm feeling tight this afternoon, I might even head back over and do a second class for the day!  If not, I'll probably work on a core practice at home.  It's getting better, definitely, but I could work on it more too.

Anyway, have to run to work for the morning.  You all have a wonderful day!  Stick with it!  You already feel it paying off.  Don't lose your momentum!


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