Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update! Been a while!

Hey there!  Been a while since I posted anything here really.  A lot has been going on!  So!  Update!

Injuries:  I hurt my shoulder at work.  Strained rotator cuff and strained AC joint.  Not a good combination.  Ended up doing physical therapy and seeing doctors for 2.5 month, taking pain meds every day just to get by, etc.  Not very much fun.  But I have been released from that and seem to be doing well.  I even ventured to go off my pain meds to see how I could do without, and am med free (other than my thyroid tablets and my vitamin supplements)!!!  YAY!!!

BUT, with all that med stuff going into me, I felt awful.  I wanted to get it all out of my system, so today makes day 4 of just juice (and occasional almond-cashew milk), and I'm doing well.  It's day 6 overall, but I did eat the first two days, if not a ton.

Juice fast:  Is going really well!!  I wasn't even tempted at the movies last night to sneak a popcorn or have some candy or soda.  Not a bit.  I brought juice in a jar to refill my travel mug, and my husband informed me while I was pouring more, "That stinks."  Thanks, hon.  LOL

Back pain:  Doing better.  I was working too much last week to get in for adjustments, so not feeling AWFUL is amazing.  I am going to try and get back in there next week, but we'll see how work pans out.  I should be able to fit at least one in there...

Yoga:  The shoulder injury made it so I could not yoga really at all.  No pressure on shoulder.  No pressure on arms.  I did some basic seated bends and sat in half lotus while reading and all that like normal, but nothing involving arms.  I'm going to be doing another personal yoga challenge once my juice fast is done.  I feel it's best to wait to do that first, not together, at least for now.

Work:  I switched departments!  I'm no longer in a food area, I've moved to the pharmacy, and am studying to get my Pharmacy Technician's License.  I have to take a test and pass soon so I can stay back there.  It's a little intimidating, as you have to pay to take this test, and if you fail, you have to wait a few weeks before you can take it again.  NO PRESSURE!!!  I just need to take the time and study, and then take the time and GO DO IT.  I'm not super worried, as long as I prepare for it.  Just have to find time.  A lot has been going on, and people have been on vacation over the summer, so I've been working a lot more than my usual rest of the year schedule would be.

Things will settle down soon enough!

My 11th wedding anniversary is coming up!  It's on the 11th of the month, and we need to do something fun!  Too bad the actual day is inventory at work, eh?  LOL  That figures.  Gotta figure something special out, since this 11th year on the 11th thing won't happen ever again.  :)

Anyway, so that's that!  Despite some setbacks, still here, still trying, and doing what I can!  And really, in the end, that's all that I can ask for.



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