Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goals. What are yours, and why?

In order to achieve something, we must have goals.  Otherwise, we're just on a road, heading wherever it takes us.  Now, there's nothing to say that's bad.  But there's something about having a destination in mind that gives us something to shoot for.

Now, that means there's a chance of failure.  But without that chance of failure, there's less feeling of awe in yourself at what you have done, when you do not fail.  And failure does not mean you cannot try again.

Every day is a new day, filled with new chances to make new choices, and better yourself.  Take them for what they are.  And remember, your bad choices do not ruin the good ones.  Yes, you can have that chocolate cake.  Just don't forget the kale and strawberries too!

So anyway, beyond WHAT goals you set (losing Xlbs, or fitting into that size X dress, being able to do X in my class or the weight room, etc)...  think about WHY you are setting that goal.  What is your motivation?  And is that motivation coming from a healthy place?

We need to change our bodies, yes.  But we need to change how we view ourselves, our bodies, our successes, and our failures.  We are all beautiful.  We need to allow ourselves to see it, and to be happy with each and every step in our journey.  It's okay to be on your way somewhere.  And when you get there, to look forward to the next goal.

But if you're doing this just to be thin because you hate yourself?  That needs to be addressed.  Being thin won't make you happy.  Being happy won't make you thin.  But being happy with yourself on your road to being healthy?  That's where you want to be.

Thin does not equal healthy.  Healthy does not equal thin.  Aim for good things.  And let health be your reward.  Whatever size it may come in.

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  1. My goals are to lose weight, be healthy and be wealthy. Thank you for sharing your healthy thought!